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The 30 Day Emotional Mind & Body Detox Group

  • 30Days
  • 17Steps


Welcome to your journey of healing and thank you for trusting me as a guide. Your decision to choose self is an important step into creating energy richness within self to reflect in your environment. This course is designed to not only empower you, but to help you get out of your own way. At this point you tried everything outside yourself to heal, but never tried to reach within to understand. After this 30 day course to clear your blockages. Just know you'll leave with so much energy richness, especially throughout your entire body. You will feel incredible, free and I empathize again "RICH!" You will no longer be a prisoner of someone else's system or the program of lies you keep telling yourself. Your mental, e-motional and physical pain will start decreasing, because you'll be getting out your own way!

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Energy Rich Warriors

Energy Rich Warriors

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