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bts yoga teacher training +
a love note from me to you

BEAUTIFUL SOUL FAM! I can't thank you enough for your encouragement along my journey to become a certified yoga teacher.


I am now on Week 9 of 13 of my 200-hour YTT and filled with gratitude for every moment of practice. I am learning how to trust the integrity of my body, celebrate the generational strength that comes with generational trauma, breathe, engage, release.


Your generous little love notes the morning of my first teaching opportunity filled my cup to the brim. I recorded a Gentle Practice Warmup just for you, moments before grabbing my water bottle and heading to class.


My next practice teaching class is May 21st. Join me in person if you're based in LA by RSVPing to the 12:30PM class led by "Teacher-in-Training" here -- and continue to join me here for updates!



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