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unblocking your inner-flow: a chakra workshop
unblocking your inner-flow: a chakra workshop

Sun, May 19



unblocking your inner-flow: a chakra workshop

a chakra + energy clearing workshop to unblock your inner-flow

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Time & Location

May 19, 2024, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM PDT


About the event

Ready to begin unblocking your inner-flow and let go of your fears, limiting beliefs, false ideas about yourself, and energy that isn't even yours? Take an immersive journey with sol through your energy centers as I guide you through the intricate pathways of your energy chakras, as you unlock what's been available to you all along.

Unlocking Your Inner-Flow is not just about energy healing; it's a portal to profound self-awareness and personal transformation. As you release the blocks that hold you back, you open the door to a life filled with balance, joy, and authenticity.

this workshop is for you if...

  • You're tired of feeling blocked and ready to unlock your limitless potential
  • You're ready to deepen your connection with yourself and your intuition
  • You're interested in energy work, understanding your energy centers a.k.a. chakras, and spirituality but don't know where to begin
  • Your energy has been "off" and you're craving a release and realignment
  • You value holistic living and are ready to bring yourself into alignment on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • You're going through life changes, seeking support, and desiring tools to navigate transitions with grace and clarity
  • You want new practices to help you live in a flow state

what to expect:

Chakra Wisdom: Delve into the profound wisdom of your chakras, understanding their significance and the impact they have on your well-being.

Identify Blocks: Gain insights into the blocks that may be hindering your inner-flow, whether they stem from past experiences, emotional patterns, or limiting beliefs.

Energy Clearing Techniques: Learn practices and about techniques to clear and activate each chakra, empowering you to release stagnant energy and invite in a renewed sense of vitality.

A Reiki-Infused Energy Clearing Meditation: Experience the gentle yet potent energy of Reiki through a guided meditation, allowing the universal life force energy to flow through you, cleansing and revitalizing your energy system.

About Sol

"Peace divine 1! I am sol. I am a multi-dimensional being here to create spaces for self-discovery, healing, and soul connections. I am a certified Kundalini + Usui Reiki teacher, sound therapist, the creative force behind this platform, 1; and so much more!

10 years ago, I would have never imagined offering this workshop or being here as a guide for humans on their self-discovery journey. My journey, marked by battles with attachment, depression, and anxiety, led me to a profound spiritual awakening at 21. This pivotal moment revealed my purpose: to create a peaceful world and empower others to embrace their creative power authentically by creating space for people to remember who they truly are, to heal, and love themselves.

Stepping into my purpose meant that I needed to start with myself--knowing myself, loving myself, healing myself, and BEING myself.

Tapping into life force energy and understanding my own energy centers were a huge part of the knowing myself. It transcended everything for me. So I am here to offer you a space to begin exploring your energy and to dive deep into yourself so you can begin to understand and release what's blocking you from living your most authentic truth and in a flow state!"

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