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i am so happy you've arrived!

Peace divine 1! I am sol. I am a multi-dimensional being here to create spaces for self-discovery, healing, and soul connections. I am a certified Kundalini + Usui Reiki teacher, creator of the Sol Reiki Cohorts, a sound therapist, the creative force behind this platform, 1; and so much more!


If you had asked me ten years ago where I saw myself today, offering a manifestation workshop wouldn't have even been on the radar. Back then, I was wrestling with my own demons - depression, anxiety, abandonment issues, etc. I was totally in the dark about the power I held within to shape my reality.

But then, life threw me a curveball in the form of a car accident at 19. It was in the midst of that chaos that I had a trippy experience, and shortly after, was introduced to the law of attraction.


Suddenly, everything clicked. I realized that so much of what I was struggling with was rooted in my subconscious - all the trauma, pain, and insecurities. With this new innerstanding and then after having a spiritual awakening at the age of 21, I really began transforming my life. I started rewiring my thoughts, actions, and beliefs, and the results were nothing short of miraculous.

Now, here I am, buzzing with energy to share what I've learned along the way. This workshop isn't about woo woo manifestation rituals - it's about living intentional and doing the deep inner work to align yourself with your limitless potential. So, let's dive in!


Join me for a reflective + energizing, workshop where we'll talk about what intentional manifestation means, learn about manifestation energetically, and practice useful techniques to bring your manifestations into fruition. 

this workshop is for you if...

the manifestation rituals on youtube, tiktok, and ig aren't working for you


you're ready to let go of the blockages that are keeping you from living your best life

you can use an energy clearing

you're ready to live intentionally and embody your highest self

you're going through life changes and looking for realistic tools and practices to create your best reality

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what to expect

We'll focus on 9 areas of your life throughout this workshop: guidance, mission, knowledge, creativity, well-being, family, love, radiance, and abundance.

Learn and practice the steps of intentional manifestation

Relax and release during an energy clearing meditation

Learn a useful tool for taking aligned action


Create a digital vision board

Worksheets included

You'll have life-time access to the workshop


"Took the Intentional manifestation workshop with Sol and WOW! it was so insightful and meaningful. It helped me to put so many things in my head in better order. Sol has a beautiful way to share, and you can truly feel that everything what she shares comes from a place of love and desire to help. Would recommend to anyone!"


"I joined Sol virtually for her intentional manifestation workshop. It was an incredible space thanks to Sol's expertise. I highly recommend taking any of her online workshops and plan for in-person workshops if you're in the area! Thank you, Sol for adding resources to my wellness toolbox!"


"This workshop was my favorite! I enjoyed this so much and it was super helpful."


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