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live + on-demand classes and workshops

take a wellness or creative class in our digital space. our micro classes are perfect on-the-go or to integrate throughout your day.


access to the portal

features a curated creative microblog featuring different art forms, stories, energetic readings, creative and wellness tips, curated playlists, and “realms" to connect with other members on different topics from holistic living, to ascension, to collaborations, & more.


access to 1:1 holistic sessions

take a holistic approach with your wellness and book 1:1 sessions for reiki, meditation, yoga, nutrition & fitness, art therapy, sound healing, holistic therapy, tantra, & more!


exclusive offers & discounts

save with discounts for in-person classes, workshops, events, and digital workshops & events

here's a 7 Day Pass
on us!

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