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kundalini reiki meditation with sol

clear + activate your chakras during a guided kundalini reiki meditation with sol

  • 11.11 US dollars
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Service Description

Join sol for a safe, powerful chakra activation session with kundalini reiki energy. Kundalini reiki is a synergy of reiki (divinely guided universal energy) and kundalini (a raw evolutionary force.) The integration of both energies clears, opens, and strengthens the energy channels of your body simply by intention bringing you balance and into alignment. Kundalini reiki is powerful & uplifting by nature and is always divinely guided which means you can simply relax as the energies wash over you and do their work. Staying open to allowing the energies to flow through you during this meditation will bring deep healing, nourishment, replenishment; and helps us bring in more love, light, and inner standing into our state of being! What is reiki? Universal spiritual energy that promotes our body’s natural ability to heal itself on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. What is kundalini? Kundalini pulls your energy that is dormant at the base of your spine (root) and brings it up all the way through your body and out of your crown chakra. It heals and opens your chakras allowing universal energy to flow freely through you, balancing your chakras, and leads to expanded states of consciousness. What to expect: You will be guided into deep relaxation with body scanning, visualizations, and gentle breathing exercises. As you're in meditation, sol will begin sending you distant kundalini reiki. You may experience feelings of energy moving throughout your body, inner-visuals, an emotional release, or you simply may just feel relaxed. Sol will go over what to expect after the meditation.

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