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a private
sound bath

a wellness experience for your next gathering, party, event, or for your workplace!


create a transformative + memorable experience

Discover the power of sound in the most intimate setting – your own private gathering!


I am Sol + i'd be honored to create space for you and your guests to go on a unique journey of wellness, connection, and celebration through a private sound bath experience. You even have the option of adding a themed workshop, reiki, and food/drinks! Let's work together to co-create something memorable. 

what is a reiki-infused sound bath?

A sound bath is a meditative experience where you are immersed in soothing sound waves of various instruments, such as singing bowls, chimes, drums, rainsticks, and other harmonic sounds; while laying or sitting down. The vibrations of the sounds have healing benefits and bring yourself to a state of deep relaxation. When infused with Reiki (universal life force energy that heals on all levels: physically, emotionally, and mentally) it enhances the sound frequencies and offers you deeper healing energy and relaxation.

sound bath + reiki benefits

Some benefits include: deep-relaxation, creates a state of harmony, relieves anxiety and stress, soothes your nervous system, brings an increased sense of well-being, expanded awareness, fosters physical & emotional healing, and more!

what to expect

Sol will go over what a sound bath is, what to expect during the sound bath, and talk about the intention of the sound bath (whatever you choose the intention to be--for ex. self-love, self-care, inner-child connection, goal-setting, rest, team connection, etc.) Then she will guide everyone into meditation and begin the sound bath. After, she'll guide everyone back and open space for anyone to share about their experience.

what's included

theme/intention of sound bath, aromatherapy (essential oils for everyone to use). optional add-ons available.

request a quote

Thank you for inquiring! Someone will get back to you soon :)

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