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reiki level 1 june 15 • 10a-6p • los angeles • enroll here

reiki level 1 june 30 • 10a-4p • virtual • enroll here

about reiki

about reiki

Peace divine 1! I am so happy you arrived! 

If you're feeling called to start your self-discovery or holistic're in the right place. My courses aren't your average reiki certification courses. I've created them through my own personal experiences and insights i've received along my own journey.

In this space, you not only learn how to tap into your reiki energy, but you go on a transformative, inward journey to get to know and love all aspects of your true self so you can heal and step into your purpose.

Each course is cozy with limited spots so that each session is intimate. This means plenty of opportunities for everyone to share and really get to know each other. It's all about creating space where you can share your story, learn from others, and build intentional connections.

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what is reiki?

Reiki is a transformative practice that taps into universal life force energy that is within and all around us, harmonizing and revitalizing the body, mind, and spirit. Through gentle touch or hovering hands, practitioners allow this healing energy to flow through them, dissolving energy blockages, promoting relaxation, and stimulating the body's natural ability to heal. Reiki transcends the boundaries of the physical, nurturing emotional balance, mental clarity, and spiritual well-being. It's a journey of connection, where energy flows to restore harmony within, fostering a sense of rejuvenation, inner peace, and purpose.











what is sol reiki?

Sol Reiki, is an inspired extension of the Usui Reiki Ryoho system, created by me. While learning the foundational elements of Usui Reiki, Sol Reiki offers a deeper dive into self with additional insights to enhance your human experience.

In Sol Reiki, you'll delve into the timeless wisdom of the traditional Usui Reiki system from Japan, mastering its five elemental components. However, Sol Reiki goes beyond by introducing the chakra system, updated precepts, and embracing four empowering pillars.

These pillars serve as guiding principles, illuminating the path toward personal growth and spiritual evolution. Rooted in my profound innerstanding and experience, Sol Reiki empowers practitioners to cultivate deeper self-awareness by understanding the chakras, nuture self-love, fulfill your soul purpose, create space for holistic healing, and embody authentic self-expression.

Through Sol Reiki, practitioners discover how to integrate Reiki energy into their daily lives, aligning with the principles of knowing oneself, loving oneself, healing oneself, and being oneself. Reiki has profoundly impacted Sol’s life, providing invaluable practices for living in harmony with these principles to share with others. It has enabled her to navigate life's challenges with grace, cultivate compassion for herself and others, and foster a deep sense of inner peace and fulfillment.

Together, we'll explore how living an intentional life with purpose is powerful; drawing strength from your own experiences, and embracing the radiant potential that resides within you.


benefits of reiki

Accelerates the body's natural ability to heal itself and return to its natural state, deep relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, experience inner-peace and calmness, removes energy blockages, improves focus, aids with better sleep, heals past trauma, detoxifies your system, helps you discover your life purpose, increases your vibrational frequency, re-establish spiritual balance, compliments medical treatments or other therapies and more!


who can practice?

Anyone can practice reiki. Every human has reiki energy within and all around them. Taking a class and getting attuned simply teaches you how to tap into your energy and the attunements raise your vibration to strengthen your energy. 

No matter what you want to do in life, you can integrate and infuse reiki into everything you do! Reiki enhances your daily life, can be used for self-healing, it can enhance any type of work that you do, or you can start a career simply offering reiki treatments or classes. There are no limitations as to what you do with Reiki. The energy is universal!

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about sol

about sol

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I am a certified usui and kundalini reiki teacher, sound therapist, self-discovery guide, an experimental musician (literally still experimenting!), and the founder of this fire ass platform, 1


I am also a proud momma of two incredible light beings, a loving wifey, a sister, daughter, friend, lol-- I am a multi-dimensional being and I have many creative gifts & passions! I am here to create spaces for self-discovery, healing, creative expression, and soul connections.  I feel like i've literally lived many lives within this lifetime as so much has changed throughout the years!

Growing up, I grappled with attachment issues, battled depression, and wrestled with anxiety. Feeling like I didn't quite belong was a constant companion. I'll admit, there was a time when self-love felt distant, almost unreachable. But life took a turn when I embarked on a whirlwind of a journey within.

Through the intricate tapestry of experiences, I ventured into the realms of psychedelic medicine, where I faced ego deaths and ultimately underwent a spiritual awakening at the tender age of 21. It was then that I remembered my purpose: to create a better world, one with systems that truly support humanity, and to empower humans to embrace their innate creative power. I realized the super power to doing all of this is -- being your most authentic self!

At 23, Reiki found me, or maybe I found Reiki – a cosmic meeting that transformed my life. Since then, my path has never been the same. Reiki's powerful energy resonated deeply within, guiding me on a path of renewal, balance, and empowerment. I've been forever changed by this energy that flows through all of existence.

Through my journey, I've learned that no matter where we've come from, transformation is possible when we step into who we truly are. And that's why I've designed this course, to share not just my story, but to empower you on your unique journey. Together, we'll explore how you can reshape your life, drawing strength from your experiences, and embracing the radiant potential that resides within you.

Join me in discovering the boundless power that lies within, as we take on a transformative journey together. Your story is important, your journey matters, and I'm here to guide you in uncovering the divine creative being you've always been!

Your Reiki journey is SPECIAL so please feel free to reach out to me to see if our energy is in alignment or if this is cohort is the right fit for you!! You can email me at so we can chat or to schedule a call :)

reiki courses

reiki courses

Each course combines education, self-reflection, journaling, meditation, group discussions, demonstration, and practice so you feel confident as you develop your reiki practice on yourself and others!

What’s included:

  • Reiki reiju (attunement) for each level

  • Sol Reiki Certification for level completed

  • A Manual + Handouts

  • Access to a virtual private reiki group after completion

  • On-going support from Sol after the course

  • Invitations to Reiki shares where you can come practice with other practitioners and learn from each other in-person or virtually.

  • Volunteer and paid opportunities

  • A soul fam <3

Level 1 • self-discovery

Level 1  is all about self-discovery, developing inner-spiritual growth, strengthening your intuition, and raising your vibration with your first reiju (spiritual blessing/attunement). Open yourself to the deep and powerful energy that Reiki brings and learn how to connect with your Higher Self and Spirit guides. At this level, you get to know your true self, connecting to universal life force energy, and learn the history & system of reiki. You’ll learn how to give yourself, other people, animals, plants, and your food/drinks reiki treatments. You will learn about your 7 main chakras thoroughly and how to integrate meditations, crystals/pendulums, aromatherapy, and sound healing into your treatments. You will have the opportunity to practice.

Level 2 • expansion

Level 2 is about deepening your innerstanding of reiki and working with others. You discover your Earth, Heart, and Heaven energies. You will learn about the first 3 sacred symbols and mantras of reiki and receive a reiju (spiritual blessing/attunement) to strengthen your energy by raising your vibration. You begin practicing by being guided by Spirit and your intuition, and how to send reiki from a distance (physical distance, time distance--healing the past or sending the energy to the future., locations, events; and learn how to offer reiki virtually.) Level 2 is when you usually turn your practice into a business if you feel called. or integrate it into your current profession. You’ll learn shamanic practices and more techniques for working with others. You will have a lot of time to practice treatments on others and practice doing professional treatments.

Level 3 • empowerment

Learn the Empowerment/Master symbol. Learn how to move into the void, create a deeper energetic connection to the Great Bright Light, and being the Great Bright Light. Learn how to do hands-off healing, a method of vibrational breathing, a method of vibrational meditation and contemplation (this technique can bring you into a deep state of meditation), a method of cleansing the spinal cord to release karma, and a method of using pressure with your hands. You'll go practice shamanic reiki techniques and go on a journey to meet your spirit animal to assist you on jour journey. We'll cover Western meditations and techniques such as Reiki Psychic Surgery, Grounding Cord Exercise, Auric Cleanse, Chakra Check Visualization, Reiki Master Meditation, Experiment in Surrender, & Contacting and Connecting with Spirits. ​ You will also learn how to do a Japanese Reiju, what it means to be a Reiki teacher, building your personal, professional, and teaching practice, and you'll practice the reiju, and the new methods/techniques.​ ​ Level 2 is when you usually turn your practice into a business if you feel called. or integrate it into your current profession. You’ll learn shamanic practices and more techniques for working with others. You will have a lot of time to practice treatments on others and practice doing professional treatments.

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upcoming classes


level 1

june 15 • 10a-6p • los angeles • enroll here

level 2

dates tba

level 3 + master

dates tba

learn about the 5-week self discovery reiki 1+2 cohort >>



'I took Sol's Reiki I & II class course and it was a life changing experience. Sol takes a self-discovery approach to reiki putting importance on integrating the practice through community healing and integrating the elements of reiki over 5-weeks. This allowed space for each of us to grow in our individual reiki practice.


It also provided a road map for personal healing through community dialogue, journal prompts, and one of the most clarifying meditations I've done in my life (her higher self meditation hits different). This course felt like so much MORE than a reiki class.'



'I began the course for self-healing and truly got so much more. The Self-discovery portion of the course we tapped into was eye-opening on so many levels and leaves me feeling inspired to not only incorporate reiki personally but has given me increased confidence to share with others and align even more with my soul purpose. Sol's continuous support has provided me with a new community to continue on this journey that will extend well beyond the end of the course!'


- Madeline

'The energy that you needed without realizing it. This class was a recharge of self, while understanding the power within you. If anyone every doubted reiki or the power one holds inside, this class fills in that void. Thank you Sol for creating a space of love, connection, elevation, and community.'




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